Hello good morning or night. I have been part of the LGBTQ community for 2 years now as a bisexual but recently i have been feeling body dysphoria. I find myself looking at makeup women’s clothes and nail polish more and sometimes hate the way my body is very male looking because i am training to be a part of the Marines. I even have asked some very close friends to call me Amethyst instead of my birth name. I also don’t want to erase being male though. Any tips would be appreciated thank you.

Hi Anon!

I think everything you’re doing is good. Just keep going with it and you’ll figure everything out. 

What you associate as male and female is up to you. Just because you like nail polish doesn’t make you any less male. You can be both masculine and feminine. 

For now here are some links that might help with the dysphoria:

9 Keys for Dealing with Gender Dysphoria

20 Small Things To Do When Gender Dysphoria Gets You Down

If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask. 

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

how can parents be supportive of genderfluid kids? it’s scientifically impossible

Dear Anon,

Might I suggest the next time you claim something as “scientifically impossible” that you include your scientific evidence. You should at least give your reader’s the respect of providing them with the sources of your information.

Now, to answer your question. It is very easy for parents to be supportive of a genderfluid child. In fact, there is no difference in raising a cis child to raising a genderfluid child. Children are children.

Before having kids you should always consider that they could turn into anybody. They could be trans, they could be gay, they could have a disability, they could have a different political stance than you do. That being said, just because your kids are different from you does not change the fact that you should respect and support them. 

Honestly, this question doesn’t make sense to me. I’m trying to think of one single reason why it would be difficult to support a genderfluid child and I can’t think of anything. 

If you can’t love and support your children then you shouldn’t be a parent. End of story. 

Since first getting onto Tumblr the number of genderfluid blogs has increased so much. In fact, I made this blog because there was only like two other genderfluid blogs and I wanted more image based content.

Seeing how far things have come really makes me smile. Seeing my dash filled with pride flags and relatable content makes me happy.